The Glass Plates

These photos are reproduced from  glass plates.  However, that doesn’t automatically mean that all of them are  perfect.  Hurley as good a technical master as he was, didn’t always get it right, as he was  photographing in one of the most hostile places on the earth. Some are a bit soft so to speak, but in the 18 years that we have been reproducing these wonderful images, we have only ever had one customer who was a little disappointed with some of the photos we sent him. Hurley did get the exposure right on all the photos, which means there are no large parts of each of the images that are just white or black. You can see  detail in the light parts of the snow as well as detail in  say,  the darker shadow parts of the ship. However sometimes the focus was not always perfect ( the camera moved a bit, or the exposure time was a bit longer than he would have preferred) and consequently the image is slightly soft.

The slightly soft images are the James Caird , the Night Ship and the Husky Pups. Having said that we reproduced a mural  wall size of the Night ship and the customer was totally happy.  These images are still are better than  the equivalent  quality  from  a 35 mm film camera. The technically perfect images are, The Return of the Sun , Frank Hurley in front of the Endurance, Weddell Sea and Endurance Distant. The other are somewhere between.



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